Private Classes

Private classes are ideal for learners who want to start learning German or already have some knowledge of German. It is also suitable for people who need a high-energy crash course before they travel or move to Germany.

In a one-on-one class, we work primarily with the “Schritte International” series for students of the German language. Schritte International, by the German publisher Hueber, is a collection of German learning materials including text and work books, audio and software CDs, glossaries and intensive trainers. For intermediate students, there are also children books, from easy picture stories to fairy tales. If you are a High School student, or if you already have your own books, you are welcome to bring and use your own learning materials. 

The use of different approaches and materials will make your learning experience challenging and interesting. While there is no way around the 'boring bits', such as grammatical rules or learning word lists, even those can be made more bearable with a bit of fun! After all, people learn best if they're enjoying it.

You should commit to at least one 60 minute class per week (see prices and conditions) and be prepared to do an extra hour or two of homework per week. The more classes you take, the faster you will progress.

Weekly homework complements your learning experience. Intermediate and advanced students can also borrow novels and German magazines.