Beginners 2 Course

Group courses run in four 12 week terms per year. Please refer to group overview page for term dates.

Course Topics

This class covers:

  • Talking about time and daily routine
  • Making appointments
  • Food, shopping at a supermarket
  • Ordering at a restaurant
  • pronouncing German sounds
  • Grammar: separable verbs, sentence structure, plural, the accusative case



Completion of Beginners 1 course, or, if you already speak a little bit of German, successfully working through chapters 1-3 of the Schritte International series by yourself.



The $250 total fee for the Beginners 2 class includes 10 classes, 90 minutes each.

If you do not already own the Schritte International 1 book from the previous class, you will need to purchase it either in class or online. You can also keep on using the optional intensive trainer (book) and PC CD, or purchase them.

Bring A4 notepad, pen and file for notes and handouts, and you're all set. No other charges!

Please contact Sabine to book your place now ($50 deposit, see prices and conditions).