About your teachers




Your principal teacher Sabine grew up on the banks of the Rhein River in the south west part of Germany.  She comes from a rich history of teachers within her family across a wide range of disciplines. Languages are her specialty due to her keen interest in travel and world culture. 


She has two university degrees and over 13 years of language teaching experience at schools in Karlsruhe, Berlin (Germany), Guanajuato (Mexico) and at the German School in Sydney.


Sabine teaches on all levels using interesting materials adapted to each students interests and needs. She enjoys seeing her students improvements and growing understanding of German culture and language.






Gayatri grew up in Germany as the daughter of two German teachers, and she earned her first pocket money correcting tests for them.

She has been tutoring German and English on and off all her life. She has a German university degree in literature and linguistics and has extensive bilingual and translation skills from her work as legal secretary in New York.

Gayatri has extensive experience in teaching German, including pronunciation, conversation, grammar and vocabulary. She teaches on all levels, from beginners to conversation classes for advanced speakers.






Gloria grew up in a small town near Vienna in the Eastern part of Austria, close to the Hungarian and Slovakian border. Raised in a family with five teachers, it was pretty clear what profession she would choose in the future.


She finished her Bachelor degree in teaching in 2011 and has been working as a primary school teacher and German as a second language teacher ever since. Before moving to Australia, Gloria was living in Malaysia and was working as a teacher in the German School in Kuala Lumpur for 3 years. 

She loves travelling and exploring different cultures. Students would describe her as very friendly, open-minded, patient and understanding. Her classes are stimulating and customised to the students needs and their language ability, no matter if it's an one-on-one lesson or a group class.